A fresh wind from Berlin's metal scene.
EXPLOTOR – „Shores of Hell“

Self-acclaimed hardest thrash-metal combo in Berlin Explotor take a strong lead with their new studio album "Shores of hell". The compact record with seven hard songs leaves no doubt about who served them as an inspiration.

The namesake "Shores of Hell" opens the album and in the best manner of Slayer the four Berliners bludgeon through the song. When a record starts with the words "Satan screams from the pits of hell" the fundamentals are laid out and so are the other songs: fast and uncompromisingly hard. In particular "Infernal Suffering" and "Presentiment of Death" are strongly reminiscent of the first Slayer records and it is no surprise that Nils Ruf judged Explotor "Slayer of Berlin".

The band was formed from the cast of "Serial Tilla", "the band with the most boastful band photo since the invention of color photography", as stated by Hard Rock magazine at the time (issue: RH #212). Nothing of the former hardcore influences can still be heard, though. Instead, all metal enthusiasts now get their money's worth. Let's hope that Explotor follow-up soon with their next piece and advance from the shores to the center of hell.

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